Nick Wray Coaching

Professional Coaching for Organisations & Individuals

Where are you…? What do you want to do…? How are you going to get there?

 Coaching helps you explore:

* Where are you now?

* What’s important to you?

* Where do you want to go?

* How can you get there?

Every session is adapted around you and what matters to you: I don’t provide the answers – you do! I do this by creating some space and time for you to think. By listening, developing rapport and understanding which allows me to ask relevant questions at the right time. Questions that will help you identify the priorities that are really important to you, and then plan the actions that will allow you to achieve your goals.

I don’t believe that people need ‘fixing’, or that the same things work for everyone. I can call on a variety of models, tools, techniques and ideas – if relevant to you – in a coaching context. These may range from simple, open questions  to exploring personality and aptitude traits (I’m a British Psychological Society accredited psychometric tester) to help you identify your strengths and areas you may want to develop. Once our coaching is completed, I can also help you find out more about leadership and team development (via partner leadership and strategic thinking & leadership organisation, Lift Consultancy).


How does it work?

Who do you work with?Where would we work together?What’s the next step?What’s your style?
* I coach professionals and individuals who are looking for change in their life and career.

* I work within organisations, helping people move up in their roles or manage challenges. I also coach individuals privately.

* I work with people from a wide variety of industries including creative – advertising, film, television, and digital, as well as communications, manufacturing and financial services.

* I work with individuals who may want to achieve more at work, establish a better work-life balance, start a family or plan life adventures, as well as those who are taking career breaks or taking time out of work.

* I coach on a one-to-one basis in London, Winchester (in Hampshire, where I live) as well as elsewhere in the UK & internationally.

* I can coach in person, at your place of work, at a mutually suitable venue or from my home in Hampshire. I can also deliver sessions by telephone and Skype etc.

* We meet in person for an initial ‘chemistry’ meeting, and discuss how we can work together, with no obligation beyond this point.

* This would be followed by coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes every two weeks or monthly — depending on your commitments and goals. Three-to-six sessions may be enough for you, or you may decide you want to extend this, depending on your goals. It’s up to you.

* I don’t believe one size fits all! We may use tools, ideas or models if and when they’re relevant to you and what you want to achieve.

* I won’t hypnotise you (literally or metaphorically) – though you will be thoroughly engaged.

* I try to avoid business or psychology jargon. I believe individuals know – or can discover – where they are, what they want and how to achieve that. My job is to help you on the way by listening asking skilful questions and providing supportive challenge.

* I won’t ‘give you the answers’ – but I will help you find them!