Nick Wray Coaching

Professional Coaching for Organisations & Individuals
My background and Interests

I’ve worked in publishing, business, education and the charity sector, in roles ranging from consumer magazine publishing at IPC Magazines/Time Inc, to digital and futures work.

I’ve experienced some of the highs of professional life – from working on challenging and award winning projects, with great teams and colleagues, as well as encountering some of the lows, too. I know what it’s like to work in dynamic, creative, lively teams – and what it’s like when it’s not working.

I’ve been a publisher, and an editor, writer, and project manager working across consumer, business and charitable companies and organisations. My background & experience includes:

* BSc (Hons 2:1) in Psychology from University College London. I also have an MA in Digital Media (IMM) from the Royal College of Art.

* British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited assessor in Aptitude and Ability psychometric testing.

* I’m accredited in the Schroder High Performance Leadership behaviours (one of the few models of leadership behaviour to be subjected to scientific scrutiny and review) by a partner organisation, Getfeedback.

* Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills (Coaching Development London) – one of the longest established and most respected international training centres for coaching.

* Consultant on assessment and development centres ranging from clients in sectors such as banking (HSBC) and private banks in the Channel Islands to Telcos (Vodafone and O2) to British Sugar and Bentley Cars.


I also deliver work within a partner leadership and strategic thinking consultancy, Lift Consultancy. In addition:

* I have training in mindfulness techniques, and I’ve undertaken both the University of Aberystwyth’s programme in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, as well as mindfulness teacher training with the Breathworks Mindfulness Centre in Manchester.

I have an interest in ‘productivity’ techniques, though I’m wary of how the latter is often used (it’s not just about getting your inbox down to zero, or your people to ‘do more’).

* I’ve also been a hands-on dad of two boys/young men, over many years, and have insight from this of juggling work and family life, and of the demands facing working parents.


Current Interests
I’m interested in the impact of digital technologies and their effect on workplace thinking & performance. I’m also intrigued in how digital can also affect us beyond the (ever blurring) boundaries of ‘workplace’.  Here’s a review of Michael Harris’ ‘The End of Absence’ on the subject which I wrote recently.

I’ve also been influenced by other publications looking at the impact of ‘digital’ on people, minds, media and business, including Jaron Lanier’s,  ‘Who Owns the Future‘, Nicholas Carr’s ‘The Shallows‘ and Daniel Levitin’s ‘The Organised Mind – thinking straight in the age of information overload’.